Painted Stick Garden Art

This was a really fun project for the kids; and its something that adds some character and color to the garden and/or the yard!  We even made some for some friends for their yard; fun gifts from the kids!

I came up with this idea because my kids are always collecting sticks and the love to paint things for the house, the chickens and the yard.

Do you really need to take pictures, Mom!?!

All you need are:

-some twigs or sticks from the yard, you can leave the branches on or cut them off {we cut them off, their more easy to paint and less likely to poke someone walking by}

-various colors of acrylic paint {I recommend bright colors so the stand out in the garden or yard, we even used some glitter paint}

-paint brushes

-paint trays {you could use paper plates, plastic container covers or a piece of cardboard}

-water can for washing brushes between colors

-paper towel for drying brushes


-bells and/or beads


{if you have chickens or other small animals that may become pray to bird of pray you could also hang an old CD from the bottom; the reflection can help to deter them from coming near your animals}

Just paint the sticks, using whatever colors you and your kids like.

Drill one hole in each end of each stick; for the wire for hanging and the wire for the beads and bells.

Thread a piece of wire through the top hole for hanging and thread wire through the bottom hole; add some beads and/or bells to the bottom wire.  The bells are neat, because the make sound when the wind blows the sticks.

Hang the colorful sticks wherever you can admire them in your garden or in your yard!

Enjoy and have fun!



One thought on “Painted Stick Garden Art

  1. I love it! We are a “stick family” too. I think you might like my post about pine needle paintbrushes 🙂 I’ll be following along to see what else is happening here at theArtisticFarmer! I have a blog of straight-up kids projects and would love if you checked it out, if you have the time and interest: Thanks for sharing,

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